Class A warehouses in Dnipro. Responsible storage. Fulfillment. WMS


BIOSPHERA LOGISTIC provides a set of solutions for business when you have questions:


Modern logistics complex

  • Six-story rack storage system
  • Fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Video surveillance system
  • LED lighting system with motion sensors
  • Energy-efficient heating
  • Yale and UniCarriers warehouse forklift and pallet trucks
  • Zebra and HoneyWell warehouse equipment

Responsible storage of goods

  • From 1 pallet for a day
  • We will stock products, equipment, raw materials, everything that can be placed on a Europallet.
  • We will help to place surplus goods in the seasonal peak of sales or vice versa in the “dead season”
  • We will place products, equipment, raw materials during the relocation or suspension of activity


  • receipt of goods from suppliers
  • mechanical or manual unloading of goods
  • placement and storage in racks
  • packaging of goods in accordance with orders, taking into account batches and expiration dates
  • product preparation according to the conditions of national and international retailers (METRO, Silpo, ATB, McDonalds, etc.)
  • loading orders into vehicles
  • organization of shipment by courier delivery services
  • execution of a package of accompanying documents
  • processing of returns and defects

Pre-sale product preparation, VAS services (Value Added Services)

  • order stickers
  • marking, product labeling
  • formation of promotional sets
  • repacking of the products

Automation of warehouse processes using WMS Berger Soft

WMS is a warehouse management system used to automate and control all warehouse processes

  • clear planning and provision of target indicators
  • packing and shipment according to batches and expiration dates
  • managing the level of service quality
  • the possibility to set the criteria for completeness and shipment for each client (minimum shelf life of the product, formation of products on the pallet, required package of documents, etc.)
  • formation of the necessary reporting
  • the possibility of WMS integration with the customer’s accounting system

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About us

“BIOSPHERA-LOGISTICS” is the logistics branch of the “Biosphere” corporation

— one of the leaders in the production and distribution of household and hygiene products in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The company unites such brands as Freken BOK, Smile, Vortex, Novita, Bambik, Selpak, Eventa, Superfresh, PRO service and others.

It offers complex solutions for the provision of warehouse services, which allows you to transfer logistics to high-quality outsourcing.

Our warehouse has a convenient geographical location, which makes it possible to send goods equally high-quality and fast throughout the territory of Ukraine.


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